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In this brilliantly entertaining and zany novel, author Rob Badcock takes us on a roller-coaster ride through a Britain of the near future. The environment has gone crazy and most of the human race has decamped to a new planet billions of miles away. A few hangers-on, however, have remained, living in vast domed cities, towering above the ruins of the old ones. Outside the citidomes is a treacherous rainforest, a wilderness stalked by giant elephants and ruthless bounty hunters.

Rib Meskitoe - a fourteen-year-old student of Nanozoomology from Milton Keynes citidome - has run away from home and is working on a lottery till in Wigan. There he takes it into his head to steal a winning ticket worth 250 million dollars and suddenly he finds himself on the run, a fugitive in the rainforest with a price on his head. All he has is the money and an incomprehensible set of instructions from his oddball friend Kaddie...

Weird and wonderful, hilarious and exhilarating, Big Frog is a surreal trip into the future.

Rob Badcock was born in Cambridge and now lives and writes in Milton Keynes. He has worked as a Swedish translator, careers adviser, training manager, chief executive of a non-profit training organisation and principal of a vibrant further education college. Big Frog is his first novel.

About Big Frog

Copyright 2011 Rob Badcock. Created by Micro Media.

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